I've been loving you too long.

Oh my word, the title of this post is so accurate for the love i have for my new Alexander Wang bag!!

My lovely parents bought me it for christmas and I am so smitten. I have recently been getting fed up with buying cheap copies of bags I love and after 3 Zara bags & 1 H&M bag breaking on me in the last few months I decided it was time to look out for a designer bag. 
Similar HERE.

The rest of my outfit are 2 recent additions from Zara, and both have design roots in Alexander Wang. If only i could afford the real thing.. but I will settle for Zara for now.

Listen to: Cat Power - I've Been Loving You Too Long

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J xx


  1. I love your bag!


  2. ah, i love your top! and that bag is kind of a dream!

    lindsey louise



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