Sunday Beauty Picks 12. NARS At First Sight eye & cheek palette.

NARS at first sight eye and cheek palette: Deep throat blush, Laguna bronzer, (top eye shadows from left - right) All about eve, Nouveau monde, (bottom eyeshadows from left - right) Bellissima, Cordura. 

Find it HERE

I am someone who when going on holiday tries to back the bare minimum. After countless trips with just hand luggage the prospect of going to Singapore for 3 weeks was a bit of a challenge for me. 
I decided to buy this palette as i didn't want to take heaps of different products with me, only what i needed and this palette is perfect for me. 

Laguna works perfectly on my fair skin to contour and lasted all day in the Singapore heat.

All about eve eye shadow was what originally drew me to this palette. It seamed to be my perfect shimmery beige but on application I found it to not be very saturated. At the airport i bought an everyday beige to wear under this as i feel it works better as more of a highlighter than as a stand alone eye shadow colour. 

Bellissima eye shadow is my perfect colour to fill my eyebrows. It applies well and doesn't smudge outside my brow lines.

Cordura eye shadow is a glittery brown that I've used in the outer lids blended with all about eve. I really like this shadow, I didn't find it too glittery for every day use and is easy to blend and build up. 

Deep throat and Nouveau monde are the only ones I haven't used. Im not really into blush right now and I find Nauveau monde to be a lovely colour but an odd choice by NARS against the other shadows and not a wearable colour for me. 

Overall I love this palette and i'm so glad I bought it for my trip to singapore. This will defiantly come in handy for any future trips, holidays or weekend breaks.  7/10

J xx



  1. nice make-up palette. :)

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  2. This is such a great palette which has all the best bits in it!!


    B xx

  3. Great Post! Love your Style.
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    Love, Chiara from http://modemood.blogspot.com/

  4. Really pretty colour palette. I like that it's all very soft and neutral. xx

  5. What a seriously gorgeous palette! Such pretty shades.

    Lindsey. x

  6. I love this palette, I recently bought it and have been using it loads since
    Daniella x



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